The Gemini Effect (EP)

by Idiomz da Prophesayer/King Verse

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This isn’t a term that you hear on a regular basis unless you are in some business circles. It refers to a tenet of a marketing strategy.

In business marketing, the Gemini effect includes an incentive, a freebie and a hook – all of which have been crafted for the sake of building customer loyalty.

Politically, the Gemini effect is the tactic of telling voters what they want to hear, while concealing a hidden political agenda – for the purpose of securing votes while gaining political power.

The Gemini effect in religion is similar to the Gemini effect in business and politics. After all, present day Christianity is big Business. And there is no denying that it is up to its neck in politics. How many times have you witnessed a doctrine being taught that promises a divine result through the use of manipulated scripture all the while the teacher is growing in power???

Musically, I have teamed up with producer King Verse to bring to you a five song EP entitled THE GEMINI EFFECT. The incentive: you will be thoroughly entertained. The freebie: this will be a free download. The hook: guest features by lyricists Praverb The Wyse, Mephstaddox and J. Hakeem.

The Gemini Effect is a mini project featuring the production talents of King Verse from Iceland and Idiomz da Prophesayer. It is a mix of boombap inspired beats, unadulterated lyricism and spiritual influence packaged together to give the listener a truly unique experience. But rather than draw you into some hidden agenda or manipulated doctrine, the intent of this project is clear: give you what commercialism has stripped away from music and keep you coming back for more.


released June 26, 2012

Executive Producer: D. Curtis
Graphic Design: D. Curtis
Recorded at Gatortraks, Brandon, FL by Dave Modisette

All Songs produced by King Verse
All songs written by D. Curtis except (3) written by D. Curtis and P. McNease, (4) written by D. Curtis and J. Hakeem, and (6) written by D. Curtis and S. Maddox




Idiomz da Prophesayer Tampa, Florida

"If at the end of the day, there is only one person who – through my ministry – has been moved to seek/fulfill their relationship with Christ, then my labor has been worth it. That is the measure of my success - Not the money. Not the fame. Not material things.”

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Track Name: No Surprise
A third of these rap cats
Is only in for the money
Ain’t nothing funny
‘Bout how they pimp the game
Like something awful
Another third of these cats
Be sporting backpacks
Coming with their underground raps
To mash up in the cypha
And then the final third
They speak the word
When they be spitting
They get in where they fit in
With these verses they be ripping
As for me
I’m an anomaly
That means I’m something special
When I spit sixteen
Theses spoken lyrics are the vessel
My tongue is the pen
Of a ready writer
So I capture
And like the rapture
I come to snatch ya from disaster
I’m only after
Seeking Christ-like in my status
While others represent
I present to you what matters
His eye on the sparrow
So I spread my wings
To fly
How high
Can we get
If overdosing on the spirit
Can you hear it?
Catch my vibe
I’m going strictly God-core
So if you didn’t come to praise
Then tell me
What you here for?
Track Name: One Day
Before I came to know Him,
I was living foul.

Let me tell you how I lived. . .

I ain’t nothing
But a lying fornicating thief
A murderous villain
Fulfilling dreams of trying to be the chief
No matter how I scam
My life is filled with grief
Reaching for the top
Which means I’m buried underneath
Like six feet deep
Instead of living I’m asleep
Not once I realized
That what you sow is what you reap
And now I wander aimlessly
I’m lost just like a sheep
As I cry out to my father
For my soul to keep
I don’t get it
Cause I’m living like a creep
I keep my head under the sheets
Trying not to make a peep
Frontin’ like I’m hard
While internally I weep
I’m too cheap to pay the price
But for His grace I still seek
To come into my life
And plug my spirit like a leak
From my head to my feet

Forgive my sins like delete
He died for me
On a lower case tee
And now I live for him
Of every single week

That’s how it was before I knew Him.
Then I invited Him.
But Now that I’m transformed,
All these haters show their face.
Trying to keep me down.
They don’t want me to shout His name.
As a matter of fact,
They attacking me – trying to discourage me.
Trying to keep me quiet.
Check out how they do. . .

They thought they could contain me
Silence me
And defame me
They even put a plan in place
To shock the world and blame me
They getting angry
So they call my show a spectacle
Spittin’ ‘bout Jesus in public
Is unacceptable
I feel like mommas tellin’ baby’s
Eat your vegetables
But y’all don’t want no parts
Of what I try to do
What’s best for you
As for the rest of you
I see y’all
Running round town
Acting like clowns
Like y’all haven’t got a clue
I die to self
Cause self is dying in this skin
Opened up my heart
So Jesus Christ Stepped in
Then I begin again
And like that song entitled Michael Finnegan
I’ll never end
Repping Him
Until the day He comes again
I’m in the mission fields
Spittin’ ‘bout the gospel
The natives getting restless
While the critics getting hostile
And even though
I may be martyred like apostles
To live is gain
To die is Christ
I’m only doing God’s will

And that’s how it is.
If it’s not by His will for His will,
Then it’s not getting done.
Y’all will see.
One day soon . . .
Track Name: Love Music II (The Fix) f. Praverb The Wyse
I have to be real,
At times I am a jealous person
When I'm asleep, I know that the devil's working
Trying to find loop holes, yes he's steady searching
Whisper in my ear, trying to correct the sermon
I'm not perfect, not abiding by the Bible
I pray every night that I survived homicidal Attempts,
Been exempt, from the devilish devices
Hell is what I been through,
Heaven is so enticing
Some say I wear my heart on my sleeve
Tried the hardest to achieve, got loss with degrees
Loss what I believe, started to settle for this cheese
Push the peddle, give me keys,
I gotta stop
I love hip-hop but pardon me please
Just a starving artist in debt,
Pardon the fees
The market is collapsing, no market for emcees
So I'm back to the cornfield, to harvest these seeds

Twin decades fall like the twin towers
I struggle to maintain
As I see these final hours
Approaching from the rear
Cause I’m a forty year-old rapper
I’m a vet
But now anything can happen
Young cats rapping
‘Bout the swag they maintain
While older heads remind them
That ain’t nothing really changed
In the game
To get the fame
But they forgot about the love
Claiming major label status
Cause they got a lickle buzz
Industry rule four thousand eighty-two
Says that
Everybody’s rapping now
So who the heck are you
So when you step into this stable
Bring your skills to the table
Cause either you’re a legend
Or you’ll end up as a fable
It’s like a drug
For it I’m fiending everyday
Even more than my music
I need the Lord
And so I pray
Cause even long after I hang up
My microphone
I’m a spit the name of Christ
Until the day I go home
Track Name: The Gemini Effect f. J. Hakeem
Dialogue: What is the Gemini effect?
It’s the act of altering the truth to appeal to the desires of the masses. In other words, telling them what they want to hear in order to gain something out of it . . .

Verse 1 – Idiomz:
I can’t believe what I be hearing
Bait and switch on a hook
Just like a trap
Cause they be snaring
Seeking out trophy heads
Like taxidermist be preparing
Orphaning the younger generation
No one’s caring

Manipulated truths indulging in idolatry
Crafty spoken lyrics
Symbolically in their poetry
And even though we’re ‘sposed to
Test every spirit
Complacency overtakes us
We accept it when we hear it
Afraid to draw the line because of toes
That we may step on
But I’m a drive these nails into the cross
So we can press on
Refuse to lay it down like a mattress
Getting slept on
Taking it to the masses in the gutter
Getting crept on
The Gemini effect ain’t business as usual
Pulling them back like cuticles
Exposing you like plain view
And when it hits the fan
They only ever want to blame you
Singular train of thought
Derails the track so they can shame you

Verse 2 - J. Hakeem
I spit that sick asphidity
Vitamins and minerals
Gangsters with principles
And educated criminals
No reservations
Just tomahawks and Seminoles
Looking for a fix
This romance is chemical
Yo Who the reason emcees
So cynical
I apply pressure
Tween the third and fourth ventricle
Water on the brain
Got a subconscious swimming pool
Archimedes principle
Hang to every syllable
Define the pinnacle when rhyming is dependable
A miracle how time can turn
A slave into a general
I'm out in Babylon sweating in the hot sun
As-Salāmu `Alaykum
Even strapped during Ramadan
And I would hate to get
Blood on my uniform
Writing my expression in the birth place
Of cuneiform
This is the Gemini effect on a Libra
Need more proof
Tune in for the sequel

Verse 3 – Idiomz:
Third time’s a charm
Ring the alarm against the heathens
Conquer the chosen people
Like the King Nebuchadnezzar
Babbling on their own again
Drowning in self-indulgent sin
Cut off from their home again
Towering like infernos
Internal combustion chambers
Spewing like molten magma
Like anime forms to manga
Perverted rituals indulgent like Caligula
Hollywood fictitious portrayal
Like Dirk Diggler
Sinister representatives
Representing the sinners
Veterans of the pulpit
Intermingled with beginners
Racing to find the finish in the end
There’s still no winners
Running around in circles like four tops
Call them the spinners
Double talk
Back and forth
Selling their lies like politicians
Hiding behind the cross in their disguise
To look like Christians
Even their forked tongues can’t hide the venom
They be spitting
Exposing the effect
That’s my mission
So listen

Verse 4 - J. Hakeem
Blood sweat and tears
Ink stains from a pen
This is what it feels like
Eating in the lion's den
The age of reasoning
And science men
Anchored like the pyramids
And other pebbles in the sand
Who you know That got
Ex-felons for their mentors
And still posses intelligence
To qualify for Mensa
I spit that righteousness
That fuel for the contenders
That substance of some sustenance
So please return to sender
These fools ain't worried
'Bout how they 'gon be remembered
So I hope their knees are sturdy
And their vertebra is limber
My wordplay is embers
And you 'gon need a blender
To dilute the potency
Serve them like bartenders
Facing a hard winter
While rappers hibernating
I'm in this cold world searching
For a thawed dinner
I'm heating up
Just like a summer in Caracas
This a warning to imposters
Leave them shook like a maracas
And I'm out
Track Name: Friday f. Mephstaddox
A yo what up Idiomz

It's Mephstaddox

You want me to rhyme about Friday?

That's easy
Everyday is Monday in my world, son!

I got a little something for you though . . . .

Verse 1 - Mephstaddox:
A yo A yo A yo
It's Friday night
I just got paid
No celebrating tonight
I just got sprayed
By a rubber duckie
Or maybe more like glade
My two year-olds version of lemonade
Bath times over
Now wash plates
Thank the Lord that it's eight
P - M
Read 'em a story and say goodnight
Threaten their dear lives
If they put up a fight
Take a shower
Put on my evening clothes
Going downstairs
To watch some shows
But by ten-thirty
My snores start to grow
And by eleven p-m
Wifey's throwing me elbows
Everyday of my life feels like Monday man

Hear what I said?

Everyday of my life feels like Monday
But I still find time to thank God it's Fri-day

It's Fri-day

What you got to say to that

What I got to say to that?

Did you just ask me what I got to say to that?

You know what
I'm a tell you what I got to say to that

Matter of fact

I'm gonna tell you like this

Verse 2 - Idiomz:

I'm late for work
Because I caught a flat tire
I'm out of work
Because I just got fired
I'm unemployed
So I sleep a little later
Knowing that I'm okay
Because my faith in Him is greater
I make a plan
So I can stand back on my own two
But in the mean time
I make connections with my crew
Cause on Friday
I'm gonna do it my way
Collect my last check
So I can pay my bills right away
Not much left
But then
I didn't need a lot
Promised wifey date night
And so I hit the Redbox
Value menu at McDonalds
Now we got something to snack on
Before we watch the flick
I take a sec to get my rap on
Forgot the popcorn
So now its back to the store
On my way out the door
Tripped on a shoe
Left on the floor
But I couldn't ask for more
I thank the Lord for another day
But in particular
Thank God it'd Friday


And that's another Friday in the books

My man Mephstaddox
KingVerse on the beat

And we out like shout

Them young cats
They don't know nothin' 'bout that

We out like shout
That's some old school stuff right there
Track Name: False Prophets KV Remix f. Sonya LaChelle
Another proclamation
From a self proclaimed
Ruler of a nation
Who wants to take control
Of situations
Who leads the deaf and blind
To damnation


False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus
To the temples
Of those liars and suckas
False prophets proclaim
But it’s a shame
How they misleading
With a double-edged tongue
To leave you bleeding

You better be aware
Of who you follow
Through the battle field
Cause on the battle field
They only lead you
To your death
get the reaper (whisper)
cause they sleeping
like an overdose of sedatives
trying to be the righteous
but the devil’s advocates
None are spiritual
They be the criminal
No justice
They hear my verbalisms
And they end up getting flustered
They need to cut the mustard
Back to just a seedling
Attacking my
Amendment one
For lack of verbal freedom
And if you believe them
(If you believe them, kid you’re nothing but a snake)
You ain’t nothing but a snake
Follow the leader
(Follow the leader to your end)
And even though you know
They be misleading
They cut you with their tongue
and now you bleeding
Now you bleeding


Another proclamation
From a self proclaimed
Ruler of a nation
Who wants to take control
Of situations
Who leads the deaf and blind
To damnation


False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus
To the temples
Of those liars and suckas
False prophets proclaim
But it’s a shame
How they misleading
With a double-edged tongue
To leave you bleeding

False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus
Shifty liars and suckas
Out to dominate the others
Afraid of the real
And so they alter it
To suit their purposes
To flood the masses
With a message counterfeit
The self proclaimed rulers
Of a nation
They be trippin
Cause they slippin’
Like a tire
On a patch of ice
Wreck it
They secular
Proclaiming they’re ordained
To be the messenger
To speak against
The verbal resurrector
True Prophet


False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus
To the temples
Of those liars and suckas
False prophets proclaim
But it’s a shame
How they misleading
With a double-edged tongue
To leave you bleeding

False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus

False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus

Another proclamation
From a self proclaimed
Ruler of a nation
Who wants to take control
Of situations
Who leads the deaf and blind
To damnation

False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus

False prophets
The devil’s advocates
To bring the ruckus

False Prophets

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