The Shining (Digi​-​Single)

by Lua C. & Idiomz da Prophesayer

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released April 4, 2013

All tracks written by D. Curtis
All tracks produced by Lua C.
Recorded & Mixed at GatorTraks, Brandon, FL
Mastered at IDP Music


all rights reserved



Idiomz da Prophesayer Tampa, Florida

"If at the end of the day, there is only one person who – through my ministry – has been moved to seek/fulfill their relationship with Christ, then my labor has been worth it. That is the measure of my success - Not the money. Not the fame. Not material things.”

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Track Name: The Shining
ad lib

A yo
Walk by faith and not by sight
Cause what we do
In the dark
Will soon come to the light
And if we living without Christ

"A yo that ain't right"

Cause what the world is trying to tell us
Is engulfed in shady politics
Now I'm really sick of this
Ignorance isn't bliss
It's an excuse for us
To act like Jesus don't exist
We walk around in our bubbles
Avoiding trouble
Thinking works is gonna double
As the thing that's gonna grant us grace
But it's by faith alone
There ain't a thing on this planet
That we can do
That's gonna take us to our home in heaven
It's by his blessing and his sacrificial measure
That we even have a chance
To see the treasure stored in heaven
But first
We must accept Him
Not reject Him in our hearts
That's where it starts
So that our spirit is receptive
But the flesh is still deceptive
Convincing us that His light is just perspective
So check the resurrection

Walk by faith and not by sight
Cause what we do in the dark
Will soon come to the light
And if we living without Christ
A yo
That ain't right
Cause it's the shining yall
It's the shining yall
Check it

It's like butter baby
There ain't no ifs, ands or maybes
It's crazy
How the blood of Christ
It covers us like gravy
He's the number one blood spiller
But instead of praising Him
We giving glory to the thugs and the killers
Praising money over God
Ain't that odd?

That's what we do

For the love of money
Is the root of all kinds of evil
We're driven by the flesh
The flesh is weak
That's why we seek
To find the favor of our Savior
What could be greater
Than the living sacrifice
That saved our life
Jesus Christ
Even though we weren't deserving
He did it
Because He loved us so
Now it's time for us to grow
A little wiser in our walk
A little smarter in our talk
We open up our hearts
To let His light shine in
And in the end
We can rest in the comfort
That we're forgiven of our sins
Walk by faith and not by sight
Cause it's the shining yall
It's the shining yall


ad lib
Track Name: I Reminisce (Back In The Day)
ad lib

Back in the day

I was little trigger happy
I was scrappy
Trying to imitate my pappy
Until my momma slapped me
Knocked me back into reality
Bringing back the child in me
When I was faking gangster
A little prankster
But I didn't know no better
Running around
Making trouble in my hood
Was like
Never committed crimes
But faked I did it almost every day
Just to get a rep
Those were the games I played
Raised up in the church
But turned away with every chance I got
Acting like I'm crazy
My intention was never to stop
The block got hot
That's when I dropped it like potatoes
No longer the imitator
I decided it was time to go
A one way ticket
To my uncle Sam's location
Learning a vocation
In defense of my nation
Filled with hesitation
When he sent me on vacation
to fight in a confrontation
That wasn't mine to begin with
The same issues on the block
That I was running from
Coming back three-sixty
When uncle gave me a gun
So I run a little further like Forest
To get away from it
Drowning sorrows in bottles
Hiding from my tomorrow

Looking for love
In all the places that I shouldn't be
Investing in a fantasy
While strippers lap dance with me
Chasing false deity's
To serve my selfish nature
Careless with my whispers
Results in the creation of a son
No longer on the run
Now firmly planted
Trying to take advantage
Of this second chance I'm granted
After years of getting hurt
I came up short on my search
Found my way back to the church
Now I ask Him for forgiveness
He took me in
Now from the start
I can begin again
Redirect my purpose
And now I'm doing Kingdom business
Back in the day
I would have never seen an end to this
But now I'm truly blessed
That I can reminisce

ad lib

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