Renaissance Man

by Idiomz da Prophesayer

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A renaissance is a period of renewed artistic and spiritual growth or activity - a revival of sorts . . . The purpose of this album is to spark a restoration, through music, of a Christ-centered faith. To dispel the notion that Christian music, hip-hop in particular, has to be "cheesy" or sub-par. To revive the energy, enthusiasm and emotion of classic hip-hop through raw and gritty beats, skillful wordplay and substantive content.


released May 26, 2015

Executive Producers: D. Curtis & T. Myers

Co-Executive Producers: M. Ramos, K. Furlong, K. Houchens, S. Maddox, C. Jackson, L. Miller, E. Newman, K. Blancher, S.J. Johnson and J. Jackson

Recorded and Mixed by P. Chiachierini at Racetrack Sound Studio, McSherrystown, PA

Mastered by Dave Bowden at Real Time Mastering, Hanover, PA

Photography by Kieth Emmerich


all rights reserved



Idiomz da Prophesayer Tampa, Florida

"If at the end of the day, there is only one person who – through my ministry – has been moved to seek/fulfill their relationship with Christ, then my labor has been worth it. That is the measure of my success - Not the money. Not the fame. Not material things.”

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Track Name: Return of the Boom-Bap feat. Nella Starr
verse one:
A yo
I grab a microphone
And chop it in a thousand pieces
Meticulously flowing through my verses
Like a thesis
Introducing new materials on Tuesday
Like releases
And causing quite the funk in them
And leaving stains like feces
Believe this
I'm all up in your pieces
Like I'm Reese's
Though my status on the rise
I hate to see when yours decreases
Who ever said
A Christian cat
Would grab the mic and babble
When I minister on mics
I move the crowd
Like they were cattle
From Tampa to Seattle
In a cypher or a battle
Whether spitting bible verses
Or verses that leave them baffled
Sometimes I rhyme slow
Sometimes I rhyme quick
Diagnosed with tongue cancer
Cause sometimes I rhyme sick
Sometimes my rhymes flow
Other times they too thick
Sometimes I desecrate 'em
Other times I just . . . . [spit]
Cause I gotta rock the boom-bap

Gotta rock the boom-bap
Gotta stay true to that
Cause that's what I heard
So I gotta rock the boom-bap

verse two:
I got that signature
Old school delivery
Lyrically endorsed by Jesus Christ
To change your misery
And like a knight in shining armor
I believe in chivalry
But wackness on the radio today
Is steady killing me
I'm underground so deep
That the industry don't hear me
But because I spit the truth
If they did
Then they would fear me
Trying to contain me
Silence me and defame me
You heard it all before
Now I digress
So now I treat it like a test
My results came back positive
Medicating flows
With the word of God
Is how I live
Giving all I got
Cause all I got is all
I have to give
Grown man in the physical
But spiritually
I'm just a kid
So when I take the stage
I'm like "is anybody home"
Until I see the red dots
Fixed and aimed at my dome
Thus I carry on
Knowing this could be my last song
That's why I praise the name of Jesus
Til the break of dawn
Check it

Track Name: City Lights feat. Conquest & DJ Aktual
Conquest Verse:
I got the black super’s on
And the Louie V. jeans
Not Nas but the don
I am ruthlessly being
Wifey’s mouthing off
Sounding off
I’m not trying to hear it though
“Jay we fend to hit this club”
“You In”
There it go
Now we in the ride
For a night that seemed special
Got that Jeezy turned up
To an obscene level
Thought I fit the role
Then it hit my soul
When we saw this club
Of half naked chicks
And stripper poles
Well you only live once that’s the motto
That’s the YOLO
Got this chick bouncing on me
Like a stick that was pogo
And now she’s grinding on the kid
In slow mo
And suddenly
There was a gun in my face
I was straight like
Oh No
The club owner was a dealer on the side
Now this spot’s being raided
By cops and what not
Told him I go to church
You should have seen his surprise
I should have stayed home
Cause in my sin
I could have
Gotten shot
There’s something ‘bout
The lights in the city
It’s such a pity
The high and sadity
Looking down on people
Like they kiddy
Cause their attitude is messed up
And real gritty
Ain’t nothing pretty
About these evil streets
In the city
Idiomz Verse:
I’m sick of this
Corrupt and shady Politics
People only concerned
About how much
A dirty dollar gets
Me and my man
We made a plan
To pull this shady caper
Under the city lights
Cause we was out to get that paper
A mid summer’s eve
It was July thirteenth
It was a Friday in the city
So the people filled the street
Shorty’s dressing half naked
To avoid the summer heat
While heads was steady on the prowl
Me and my man was on the creep
Our plan was high and tight
It was the heist of the century
Weaving amongst the crowd
Boosting cats
For all their jewelry
Moving throughout the crowd
Collecting jewels
From all these brothers
Heard a voice inside my head
That said
“My son do unto others”
Not another minute passed
And I was face down
On the concrete
Heater against my skull
And I’m too scared to make a peep
If I only had listened
To the words my pastor preached
Denied my faith in Christ
And now eternally I sleep
Track Name: Why Bother
Verse One:

Like an isotope
No hope to see the future
Internal injuries beyond repair
Without a suture
No matter how I try
This solitary still confines me
I left bread crumbs
In hopes that someone comes and finds me
But sadly they remind me
That buzzards swoop in behind me
And snatching up the crumbs
So now I'm done before I started
Like the
Dearly departed
Broken-hearted and alone
Left to wander aimlessly without a place
To call a home
I roam like gnome
In the city of the Vatican
It makes me sad again
That I can't seem to find a friend
In the end
My lacerations
Speaks about my desperation
To obtain some separation
From the state of my irrelevance
And though I try to circumvent
My current situation
It's my lack of dedication
That causes me hesitation
And like the reparations
I'm facing the odds against me
And God's forgotten me
So tell me
Why should I bother


Many ask me why bother
When tomorrow isn't promised
I tell them that I bother cause tomorrow isn't promised

I heard your cries on your journey
Through the wilderness
And now I come to save you
Like gorillas in the midst

Verse Two:

I can't believe
That my existence here is random
That's why I grab a mic
And rock an opera like a phantom
Shooting off just like a cannon
Dropping bombs like Nagasaki
I Know He got me
When I'm in His hands
He'll never drop me
I'm getting sloppy
Thinking what He does
That I can copy
Blaming Him
When I'm the only one here
Who can stop me
So I say I'm sorry
Cause I feel I'm going through the motions
Checking off some boxes
What I'm lacking in devotion
Until I get the notion
That His heart's to truly love me
I know He's thinking of me
On that day up on Golgotha
He did it proper
So that eternally I would prosper
And spend my glory days
In the presence of the Father
Many ask me
Why bother when tomorrow isn't promised
I tell them that I bother
Cause tomorrow isn't promised
Many ask me
Why bother when tomorrow isn't promised
I tell them that I bother
Cause tomorrow isn't promised

Track Name: The Cost
verse one:
A yo
They snatched me from my sleep
In the middle of the night
Tied me to a wooden post
And gave me 39 strikes
They don't like
What I write
That's why they started this fight
If I'm a live for my Christ
Then I'm a die for my Christ
That's when the drug me through the mud
Diggin deep to find my skeletons
Exposing all my sins
So they label me a hellien
No matter what I'm telling them
They calling for my head
They consider me a threat
To them I'm better off dead
So now I'm gonna be a problem
Labeled a troubled starter
Living my life for Christ
so for Him
I'm a die a martyr
But still
I'm trying harder as I take it to the streets
Trying not to get consumed
In the beally of the beast
Practicing what I preach
I spread love spreading the gospel
The natives getting restless
While my critics getting hostile
Going all in today
Because no promise for tomorrow
If you claim to follow Christ
Than tell me
What does it cost you?

These potholes in my lawn
Are sure to lead me to disaster
But it's grace I'm after
So I get caught up
Like it's the rapture
I'm gonna be a problem
Labeled a trouble starter
Living my life for Christ
So for Him
I'm a die a martyr

Verse two:
Dark clouds form
As I raise my bible in my hand
It's a parter of the greater plan
To fulfill His command
On a mountain top I stand
With a target on my chest
Without a bullet-proof vest
I must confess
It's kind of scary
Like Amettyville horror
With a poltergiest attacking
I'm in the mission field without no financial backing
It's on and Kracken (cracking)
Bringing major heat just like a dragon
Getting straight to the point
With the quickness
I don't drag on
So check the path I'm on
It's like the road to Damascus
These potholes in my lawn
Are sure to lead me to disaster
But it's grace I'm after
So I get up like it's the rapture
Cause we blind baby
We blind to the fact
That it's by grace alone
The only way we ever gonna see home
We roam like a gnome
It's with voracity
I get voracious when I speak to you
You claim to follow Christ
Then tell me what does it cost you?


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